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Imagine having a full-time CMO, but from outside your business – your new CMO. No standard performance reports or long meetings discussing metrics, KPIs, and unfamiliar terms. Instead, receive daily updates, keeping you always in the loop.

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Tailored Solutions

marketing at
the highest level.

Working with a small number of clients allows us to focus on more than just one channel to reach targets and provide the best communication in the industry.


Paid Social

Developing unique, proven media buying strategies enables us to consistently propel businesses to new heights at scale. With a keen eye on optimizing advertising spending, we strategically allocate budgets to the highest ROI channels, ensuring your brand's message reaches the right audience at the right time, whether it's on META, Google, LinkedIn, or TikTok."


Paid Search

Through comprehensive keyword research and crafted ad campaigns, we drive highly relevant traffic to your website, helping you capture the attention of potential customers who are actively searching for products or services like yours.


Conversion Rate Optimization

While driving traffic to the website is one thing, converting visitors is another. A compelling landing page makes all the difference. By optimizing the user experience, employing best practices, and running A/B tests, we increase the chances of turning clicks into valuable actions and conversions.


Email Marketing

The customer journey is long and acquirering potential customers into subscribers is essential to contribute to the overall growth. Setting up automations, nurturing leads with targeted content and timely messaging, will help you build long-lasting relationships and maximize both new and recurring purchases.


Website development

Ensuring your website converts and performs optimally is essential for scaling your business to meet desired targets. We offer a comprehensive range of development services tailored to help you establish a robust and scalable Shopify ecommerce platform. Whether you need minor optimizations for an existing site or a complete redesign, we've got you covered.


Ad creatives in-house

Elevating ecommerce to the next level requires designs that convert. We ensure all creatives are designed in-house, enabling rapid testing and budget allocation to the best performing ads. This is crucial for scaling your business to new heights.

Case Studies

Dive into real-world examples of how our data expertise has driven remarkable achievements and facilitated business growth for our clients

Interior company
Company request:
Set up ads on the META platform to drive traffic and hence sales.
A comprehensive setup was established driving quality traffic to website. Also, a completely new website has been designed and developed, e-mails automations and google ads ensuring a total ROAS of 11 the past year.
Cana Care
Beauty and Cosmetics
Company request:
Help with ads, e-mail automations and attribution.
A simple setup was established enabling the founders to proceed and optimize in-house after the goal. Yet, a comprehensive e-mail automation and upsell framework has ensured amazing results.
Company request:
New website to enhance the user experience and improve conversion rate.
Working with a team of designers and developers a facelift of the website was ensured which increased the conversion rate and boosted sales.  
3 months

3-Step Process

No rocket science here. The goal is to get an understanding of your business, make a plan and execute it.

Initial Call & Alignment
The goal is to understand your targets, scope, including sources, timeline, and any additional requirements. This ensures a thorough understanding of your business.
Market Research & Alignment
We will present our approach to meeting your targets and explain how it will be executed.
Launch, Optimization and Scaling
We ensure all channels are set up with diverse ads, website optimization, and attribution. Then, we iterate, optimize, and scale.

Tailored pricing

Discover a variety of pricing plans tailored to accommodate your unique data needs, so you can select the perfect option for your business goals and budget

Basic plan
Essential tools for a strong start in data exploration
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Essential data access
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Weekly updates
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Limited data points
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Budget-friendly pricing
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For small businesses
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Pro Plan
Extended data reach, daily updates, a perfect fit for growing businesses
White rounded checked icon
Expanded data capabilities
White rounded checked icon
Daily updates
White rounded checked icon
Priority support
White rounded checked icon
Extended data points
White rounded checked icon
For businesses and professionals
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Premium Plan
Unlimited sources, real-time updates,  for enterprise success
Purple rounded checked icon
Unlimited data sources
Purple rounded checked icon
Real-time data updates
Purple rounded checked icon
Comprehensive data points
Purple rounded checked icon
Priority support
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For enterprises
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What is your price?

Similar to how a doctor cannot prescribe medication without consulting their patient and assessing their condition, we cannot provide you with a price without understanding your current situation and desired goals.

What makes you different from other agencies?

We prioritize one thing above all – results. We don’t beat around the bush on this. Additionally, we don’t make grand promises like most agencies do. Here, you can expect to stay informed at all times. Instead of receiving a standard performance report filled with unfamiliar metrics and KPIs, we provide a personalized overview tailored to your preferences. This ensures you're always fully informed about your progress.

What can I expect from from start?

We value your time and won't engage in unnecessary small talk. During our scheduled call, we'll dive straight into discussing the purpose of our meeting. I'll evaluate your current situation and objectives.

How quickly can we get started?

Being agile and understanding your business is paramount to us. Here, there's no need for 2-3 weeks of numerous meetings, reports, and deep dives. Instead, we aim to get started as soon as possible, running with small budgets and scaling from there. This approach ensures we gain traction within days.

How long are your contracts?

We offer rolling month-to-month agreements, eliminating the need for long-term contracts and the headaches associated with traditional agencies. Our priority is ensuring mutual satisfaction and comfort with the arrangement we reach, scaling it to benefit both parties. If you're pleased with the results and service we deliver, it's likely that you'll choose to remain a client. Conversely, if you're dissatisfied with the outcomes or your experience isn't meeting your expectations, you have the freedom to discontinue our services without any obligations.

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